Born Australian, son of long term Italian migrants from Soveria Mannelli who came to find better opportunities and freedom in AUSTRALIA.

He holds the following qualifications:

Eugenio Roberto, started his study in adoptive Genoa Italy before returning to his home town Sydney, pursuing Acupuncture and Medicine 


career to help those suffering leading to the following qualifications, MB BS (Hons); Doctor in Medicine; Advance Diploma in Cardiology and Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, 

Master Degree in International Relations Belgrano University Argentine , Graduate Diploma in Regional Cooperation and Law University of Chile , Postgraduate Diploma in International Economics Univ Mayor Chile in Cooperation with *Pro-Chile Export Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile*

Certificate In Politics Diplomatic Academy of Chile 1999, PhD in Law (Unem) Justice of the Peace for New South Wales for Australia commissioned by the Governor of New South Wales in 1984, he also hold the following knighthood awarded by the United States of America , Arkansas Traveler Honorary Ambassador of Arkansas state and Kentucky Colonel awarded by the state of Arkansas and Kentucky , Knight Commander of Saint Stanislaus of the Former Government of Poland in Exile and many others.

Eugenio Roberto was appointed in 2005 Honorary Consul to Romania for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for emeritus service to the country by President TEODORO OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO, President of Equatorial Guinea and nominated adopted Son of the Country (Hijo Benemerito).

Prof. Caligiuri is proud to serve not only the people of Equatorial Guinea but is president and Vice president and all Government at large of The Republic of Equatorial Guinea one of the fastest growing country in Africa and the world for the vision of one man President Obiang.

Dr. Caligiuri, was invited by the Venezuela Government in his position has International Expert and Diplomat as an International Electoral Observer to Venezuela appointed by the Venezuelan Electoral Commission in referendum due to his living experience in Venezuela for some years at the Following elections Revocatorio 2004 and 2005 with Presidents Jimmy Carter and Cesar Gaviria,http://www.eluniversal.com/l


Some comments on Latin America foreign Policy can be found by th author in the following link, 


Organizer of the Participation of the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in the Francophone Summit of Heads of State in Bucharest 2006, .In 2009 he participated as Government Representative of Equatorial Guinea Representing justice authorities of Equatorial Guinea to the World Prosecutor and Attorney General Summit at Bucharest organized by the Romanian Government and the United Nations.


DR. CALIGIURI was invited as an International Lawyer Observer at the Islamic Conference of Prosecutors by the Iran Government, Teheran Public Prosecution Office in Teheran at APRIL 2009.

Eugenio has a long term experience in Human Rights he has participated on June 1993 in Vienna World Conference of Human Rights organized by the United Nations as a Representative of the International Parliament.

Dr Caligiuri main interest is to work E-Diplomacy for Africa and stability of peace and human rights in Africa, Petrol Development as well as development of his adoptive Equatorial Guinea and helping the poor.

He teaches on line in several universities in Latin America, Africa and Russia. He is a member of the International Law Association London, Institute of multi-track diplomacy Washington, Union Internationale des Avocats Member, Confraternity of the Blessed Gerard of the Knights of Malta for the Poor(Smom).

Web site www.ecaligiuri.com

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Profesor. Eugenio Caligiuri

Cónsul Honorario dela Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial

Jurisdicción territorial todo el territorio de Rumania

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Strada Aniversarii no. 41, etaj 4/610 Sector 3





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